Persephone can provide great entertainment for conventions, weddings, and special events...

JAZZ & CONTEMPORARY MUSIC Persephone has played piano since the age of three. She is well trained in both classical and contemporary music, and has played many conventions, weddings, and adult events. If requested, she will also bring her saxophone to a program. Often, for a holiday program, Persephone will stroll and play her saxophone at poolside, in a lobby area, or in a high-activity area.

Persephone travels with her parrot anywhere she goes. Maimou is a real hit with hotel clientele both young and old.
People are amazed at the fact that she is "potty trained" and is very clean. Maimou is very gentle with clientele and makes a perfecthouse guest. She is a perfect "tool" to market a program. Email for more information

Hotels, resorts, and agencies love Persephone because of her flexibility. She can tailor-make a program just for you. She can even create a theme song just for your club or event. Whether it's for adults, children, or families, Persephone is personable, flexible, entertaining, unique, and a great asset for any occasion.

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