"KID AT HEART" --- Persephone's recording of 15 original songs introduces her as a multi-talented performer. From the sizzle of salsa to the rhythm of reggae, from calypso to bluegrass, this eclectic selection will keep you tapping your toes for a long time. Persephone's songs include such characters as Harvey the Gila Monster, a jumping cholla cactus, a mountain man named Sam and his bass-playing billy goat sidekick named Dan, and dancing mangoes, papayas, and bananas. All of her songs are guaranteed to make you want to get up and dance, and maybe even sing along. (Recommended for primary age children.)

Arizona Science Center "Songs in a Desert Web" tape & book/CD & book ---P.U.!! Watch out, Harvey, Stinky Bug has arrived...and he sure has a funny voice. Stinky Bug is a hit song on Persephone's new recording composed for the Arizona Science Center's Desert Web curriculum. All of the songs are factual, but of course they are catchy and a lot of fun. Also featured is Persephone's story, "Pack Rat's Choice." Hear Momma Pack Rat's adventure come alive as Persephone reads, plays, and sings to you. (Recommended for educational curriculum up to Grade 3)
"Garden of Your Soul"--- Persephone's newest release is a collection of contemporary acoustic piano pieces. The Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone helped inspire Persephone to write "Garden of Your Soul." Her extensive classical and jazz background has allowed her to weave a relaxing and inspiring musical tale. Come visit the "Garden of Your Soul" and experience the unique universal sounds of Persephone. This is a recording that is perfect for all ages.
"So That's How" children's video---Hop on Persephone's magic pogo stick and experience fascinating field trips of discovery that inform and entertain. A scarecrow at the farm, a pig at the potato chip factory, and a cowgirl at the guitar shop are the three characters Persephone transforms into. Sing along with Persephone's fun songs throughout the adventure. (Ages 2-8)
Mr. TALL Cactus and His Shorter, Prickly Neighbors---This book by Daniel Lonsberry is accompanied by songs written and performed by Persephone. Out of genuine concern and a desire to help children in dealing with issues of self-esteem, the Mr. TALL Cactus book project was undertaken. Now, young people from preschool through fourth grade will be able to identify with the characters in the story and the very clear and important messages brought out in this book. It is intended that this children's book and cassette will not only help to build character but will also remind children everywhere of the message that they are ALL special and important.
"Persephone's Moose Moosic"---Here are the perfect singalong tunes for preschoolers, who can now join the zany fun of Kids Club, a weekly show at Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix. This collection of 21 songs is the show's first live recording by children's entertainer Persephone and her young audience. Each piece invites participation, from clapping and tapping and stomping the ground to sharing a loud "Yahoo!" "Moose Moosic" brings the excitement and group energy of a live children's show into your home.
"Harvey the Gila Monster" T-shirts---These brightly colored T-shirts with lovable "Harvey the Gila Monster" on the front are available in turquoise, purple and white. They are sized for children (youth sizes small, medium, and large) and adults (small, medium, large, X-large, and XX-large).
Persephone & Harvey 2000 Concert Tour T-shirts---These T-shirts feature Harvey the Gee I Love Arizona Monster in his natural color on a white background. They come in youth sizes X-small, small, medium, and large and adult sizes medium, large, X-large, and XX-large.
"Harvey" Yo-yo's---Yo-yo's never go out of style, but their popularity is increasing once again. These yo-yo's, colored as brightly as Harvey himself, will delight any kid (or kid at heart). They are bright orange plastic with a Harvey logo on one side.
"Persephone's Moose Moosic" Coloring Book---This 12-page coloring book contains illustrations from 7 of the songs on the "Moose Moosic" tape, along with words to the songs. Kids can color the pictures while they listen to the music and sing along.

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