Persephone Dimson and her team at Demeter Music have organized productions for audiences of all ages from California to Florida.

Demeter Music Productions is an entertainment agency and production company owned by the Canadian-born musician who learned music and dance from age 3, has multiple degrees in the Arts from the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Royal Academy of Dance in Toronto, as well as from Arizona State University, the state where she now resides.

The agency takes a hands-on approach to create one-of-a-kind experiences for all events from small personal theme parties to large corporate events and festivals. With the best quality music and entertainment available in the marketplace today, Demeter Music delivers positive programming that promotes: community, family, self-esteem, multicultural awareness and acceptance, and health and safety.

Because of Persephone’s extensive background in music and working relationships with every entertainer, she understands your needs and can easily find the right fit for your event.

“Inside each and every one of us there is a special song to sing.” These are the words to one of my songs that concisely express my philosophy. It is my goal when I teach to help each individual to find his/her song and to share it. Many people tell me, they are tone deaf or can’t carry a tune. There’s always a way to tap into the universal language of music to make self-expression fun and learning can become play.”
~Persephone, Owner of Demeter Music Productions