What Persephone Does

Performing Musician

Accomplished in piano, saxophone, harmonica, ukulele, and percussion. Performs as professional musician in jazz, reggae, blues, and contemporary groups. Provides solo entertainment for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, business conventions, mall openings, special events and other social gatherings.

You can also hire her with a full band, or as Heartfelt Duo with her musical partner Jake.

Persephone and Jake are a unique singer/songwriter team who are known for their fun and eclectic repertoire of music. Persephone’s diverse instrumentation complements Jake’s soulful guitar playing. To any audience member there’s no question, their music is “Heartfelt.”

Entertainment Booking

You name it, she books it! Persephone has many entertainer friends that she has performed with for years. Once she understands your needs, she’ll find the entertainers for you in no time.

Hotels, resorts, and event planning agencies love Persephone because of her flexibility! She can tailor a program just for you.

Persephone is a performer, so she understands the client’s needs more than a standard booking agency. She specializes in tailoring events and makes sure everything runs smoothly so that you can have total peace of mind.

Musical Therapy

Music therapy is the scientific application of the art of music to accomplish specific individual treatment aims. It is the use of music and the therapist’s self that influence changes in behavior. Clients are involved in a variety of activities that focus on social, work task, and communication skills plus cognitive and motor development. These occur within a highly structured yet comfortable group setting. Persephone teaches that rhythm is the organization and energizer of behavior.

Keynote Speaker/Public Speaking

Persephone is a powerful keynote speaker and emcee for large festivals and public events and charities and fund raisers. She has had many interviews on television and radio. and is versatile and flexible enough to be the perfect host for any event. She’s hosted thousands of events throughout North America. She is sure to bring lots of energy to the party she hosts. She is able to entertain any crowd of any age. Her messages leave you with something to think about.

Educational Workshops

Teaching children, parents, providers, early childhood educators, and teachers how to integrate music into their daily lives and their curriculum. It’s a hands-on approach to help parents and providers. It teaches people to use music as a tool to educate their lives. People leave these workshops with a newfound knowledge and an understanding of music.

Musical Composer

Provides writing, arranging, improvising with saxophone, piano, and harmonica to accompany stage performances such as “Black Women Sing the Blues” offered at the Arizona state University in 2001. She has received two ARIZONI awards for her work on the production. Because of Persephone’s eclectic musical background, she is able to customize her songs to fit any of your needs.

Virtual Shows

Persephone is presently doing covid safe virtual shows that teach, motivate, and involve participants of all ages. She excels in keeping attention and creating interaction even over a virtual medium.


As a bingo host, Persephone not only has her special gold bingo drum but also dresses the part and adds her Persphone flair! These sessions also include her keyboard skills behind the winner announcements and fun music at appropriate times.

At your request, Persphone will make announcements and prize descriptions for your community or group.

Children’s Entertainment

See Persephone’s website for kids for more information!

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